Located Next to the Ocean in a remote fishing village

Feel the Ocean Breeze on your face while eating at one of our outdoor tables or come inside and have a seat in our Restaurant.  Located in a traditional Fishing Village,  it is the ideal spot for you to refuel your body while touring the sites in Gros Morne National Park.

Our Story

We started out as a Food Truck and due to popularity, we expanded our business to a Restaurant and Cafe with a Craft and Convenience Store right next door.  We have freshly brewed coffee and homemade pastries and pies. Our recipes are handed down through the generations and are unique to us.  Our seafood is sourced locally and is rated the best around.

Trip Advisor Review

Needing a stretch and a coffee, we pulled off the highway to this stop. Besides getting a coffee, we got some of the freshly made pastries that were available. The muffins were excellent! We enjoyed the baked goods so much that on our way back from our trip, we stopped in this time for an evening meal. The french fries were homemade but the best part of the meal was the moose burger! Juicy, tasty and satisfying! So glad we stopped in on our return trip.

Trip Advisor Review

I once was on a mission to find the best fish and chips in London, UK and after a while, I am sure I found it. But honestly, the fish and chips here are even better! It was incredible to me. The batter was so good, the fish was the freshest you could possibly hope for and the fries were plentiful. We also tried the seafood chowder, which seemed new, or maybe it was that day's special, and I absolutely loved it.

Explore Newfoundland through the Food

Moose Soup

When traveling to Newfoundland, you can usually get the best sense of a place by visiting a local restaurant and sampling the local cuisine.  When you are there be sure to interact with the locals and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The locals know the locations of all the hidden gems that a town has to offer.

Before you sit down prepare your palate for a whole new experience, with flavors and textures that are not found anywhere else in the world. There are many favorites among the locals including Fish & Chips,  Fish Cakes, Moose Soup, Steaks, Stews, and Burgers, etc., Toutons covered in molasses, Jiggs Dinner, Cod Tongues, Fillets, Cheeks, Liver, etc., Lobster, Squid and many more.

Sunday’s are a day to rest in Newfoundland and in most Newfoundland households, you will find the whole family sitting down for Jiggs Dinner - a long-standing tradition in Newfoundland that still exists today. Make sure you try the salt beef, and pea’s pudding as it always went fast at my house. There is always homemade gravy and lots of great conversation to top everything off.

Fish Cakes
Bakeapple Jam

In your travels make sure to look around in local shops for some local preserves.  Jarred Moose meat, Seal, Lobster, Local Jams, Fish, Rabbit, and more. Preserving and pickling was a must in Newfoundland for our grandparents to survive the harsh winters and now it’s done as tradition and to share our flavors with the world.  One of the gems you should keep an eye out for is preserved “Bakeapple” jam. Its unique flavor is like nothing you have tried before; it goes great on toast in the morning, in a Pie, or drizzled over ice cream as a dessert.

One of the best ways to sample a great Newfoundland culinary tradition is to attend a beachside boil-up. Lobster, Mussels, Clams, and Periwinkles are among some of the more popular items on the menu, often cooked in ocean water and as fresh as you will ever taste.  If you aren’t into spending a day at the beach then try a local kitchen party where you will get to play along and get involved in a long-standing tradition of conversation and music around the dining table.

Beach Boil-up